Tokyo guzzler May 2017 – Guzzler boat tours in Tokyo Bay

It’s been a long while – 134 days to be precise – since I last posted a blog update. Guzzler viewing numbers have plummeted. So, after a little boating excursion on Tokyo Bay over the weekend, what better way to relaunch the Guzzler?!

We noticed a few weeks back that it was possible to sail from Yokohama to Tokyo on a weekend evening. So, down to Yokohama we went…

Sunday afternoon yoga in Elephant Nose Park, Yokohama. I want to be that DJ!

Around 100 people turned out for the free yoga session. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Even little ‘uns were in on the act.

Nothing to see here….other than a cat on a skateboard!

Anyway onto the main event. The liner approached Osanbashi Pier a few minutes before the departure time. ¥1,410 for a single ticket from Yokohama to Tokyo (around $12 or £10).

And we were on our way.

An awesome sunset behind the Yokohama skyline.

Underneath the first bridge of the trip….the Yokohama Bay Bridge.

By now the sky was a-glowing. And who said pollution was a bad thing, eh?

A sole man stood aboard his vessel. “Is that the Tokyo Guzzler?” he probably thought.

This photo would make a good jigsaw puzzle.

On deck, it was now getting chilly and most people had retreated indoors. Not us hardy fools, oh no. We WILL stay to the end, even if we freeze.

The 90 minute ride was now nearing the end as we passed Odaiba and went underneath the Rainbow Bridge.

We arrived into dock bang on time. If you enjoy boat trips, then I’d recommend this one on a sunny day. You get a great twilight view of Yokohama and a beautiful view of the Rainbow Bridge at night. You also pass right by Haneda Airport, so you get the planes coming into land right overhead. This trip comes with a high Guzzler International Tours (GIT) rating.


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