Tokyo guzzler December 2016, part 2 – Hakone and Odawara

Our third trip down to Hakone, this time stopping briefly at Odawara along the way before a two night stopover:


Odawara Castle. As with all other castles in Japan, it has been rebuilt about a dozen times and now houses a modern museum inside. Authentic to the end.


Onwards to Lake Ashi, a crater lake near the foot of Fuji.


All aboard the pirate ship!


Sulphur fumes bellowing out of the volcano beneath us.


Quite a smell…or at least it would be, had I not had a cold!


Turn around and you have the most breath taking view of Fuji on a sunny clear day.


Onshihakone Park viewpoint, well off the tourist trail and totally deserted from the hoards of day trippers.


Hakone Shrine, on the shores of Lake Ashi. Surely one of the most stunning places in Japan? 


And again, this time snapped from our pedalo adventure!



For more detailed info on Hakone, see my previous Guzzler post on the area. It’s well worth the trip from the overly-crowded Tokyo mayhem.


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