Tokyo guzzler October 2016, part 3 – Wan Wan Carnival 2016

Wan Wan Carnival 2016. Think Crufts meets Milan Fashion Week meets the Olympics with an added splash of Japanese ‘humour‘. Yes, it was that time of year again: a special eclectic gathering of hundreds of the cutest, most pruned, well trained, agile, and damned right kawaii mutts you’ll see! WWC’16 did not disappoint:


First up, the doggie run time trail! A 30m dash, with the owners waiting for their pooch at the far end. The bigger dogs galloped like wildebeest; the smaller ones got confused, lost, distracted, or a combination.


Next stop – professional doggie photography. This beast just wouldn’t stay still on the podium. Dad tried to cast a spell, but with little success.


In the main arena, the “theatre of dog dreams”, it’s the assault course time trail. Over the hurdles, through the tunnel, over the bench – all meticulously timed to the millisecond.


The highlight of the 2 day event – the headline act, if you will – is the dog sitting championship. Once again, Gina G classic “Ooh Aah….Just a Little Bit” blazed out over the PA system. Dozens of dogs started sitting, but who could sit the longest? Well, around about 10 minutes later we had our winning pooch. All sorts of distraction attempts are made, mainly by people wearing silly hats, and only the most well trained survive (not literally, although there is a kebab stand on site).


This year’s costumes weren’t as whacky as previously. We did however find one dog getting into the spirit of Halloween a little earlier than normal.


Team photo! What you can’t see is the dozens of owners, onlookers and confused passers by, snapping away gleefully, or moving away quickly!


There were even Meerkats on site to keep the dogs in check. Fancy dress only, of course.

What a unique event Wan Wan Carnival 2016 was. It left behind a trail of joy (but not for the festival staff who had to go around all weekend cleaning up after hundreds of dogs). Next year’s event is already in the diary!


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