Tokyo guzzler October 2016, part 1 – Enoshima Island

After falling into a minor Tokyo lull in recent times, we returned to the tourist trail good and proper this weekend, making a return visit to the beautiful Enoshima Island:


After a quaint little 90 minute train trip south of Tokyo, we arrived at Katase-Enoshima station. Straight to the beach (via a konbini to get some breakfast and a bucket and spade)


The sand is slightly volcanic and not the aesthetically-pleasing golden type you’d associate with the likes of Weston-Super-Mare or Burnham-on-Sea. However, it’s clean despite its darker appearance. And as a bonus. you can actually see the sea here, and indeed surf on it should you feel the urge. Interestingly, Enoshima will host the sailing and surfing for the 2020 Olympic Games.


After walking onto the island you arrive at this little alley (called Benzaiten Nakamise Street) lined with shops selling local delicacies. Fantastic if squid on a stick is your thing.


A vendor selling clams, squid and sweet corn. Sounds like a shit invention test list from Masterchef.


Atop the alley, once you’ve finished munching on your squid-a-la-cob, you arrive at the gatehouse to Enoshima shrine.



There are a couple of shrines the further up the hill you go. This is one of them!



Wooden plaques where, for just 500 Yen, you can write down your matchmaking wish for the Gods. We’ll see how long it takes before Mila Kunis comes knocking on my door shall we…


At the top of the island is a lighthouse observation tower.


Again, for just 500 Yen you can go to the top of the tower, and also gain entry to Samuel Cocking Garden (yes, it’s really called that).


In the garden lay Samuel Cocking himself, taking a snooze in the late-afternoon heat. Onlookers watched on as Cocking lay there. “Samuel Cocking AND the Toyko Guzzler!” they probably thought.


So kawaii! Incidentally, the splodge near Cocking’s paws is melted ice cream that he refused.


Back to the story. From the top of the tower you can a 360 degree panoramic view of the bay, the sea, and Mt. Fuji on a clear day (November-April).


Here you can sea the road leading to the island. The beach extends around both ways and is a popular spot during the summer months.


Back on the mainland now, looking back out towards the island and the tower, after a long day wandering and exploring. Dusk approached, as you can see by the increasing shadows.


Enoshima is a really beautiful place to visit and is easily accessible from central Tokyo. The cost to get there is really low (less than 750 Yen each way). I guess it takes around 90 minutes from central Tokyo. There’s quite a lot of places to explore, so leave yourself the majority of the day to look around. Now go…


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