Tokyo guzzler June 2016, part 2 – A Hedgehog cafe?!?!

Cats, rabbits, owls, dogs, parrots, snakes, goats…..and now hedgehogs. These are just a few of the different themed cafes you can visit here in Tokyo. They’re as varied as they are ethically questionable. I know of a place, too, where you can go if beavers are your thing….but we’ll say no more about that for now!

So anyway, we finally visited ‘Harry’, a hedgehog-filled shop in the gaijin-heavy Roppongi district. It’s not quite a café, although you can get a drink if needs be. It’s a little on the pricey side at ¥2,000 per hour (plus tax), plus you have to pay extra to use your camera, or buy hedgehog feed. You’ll need to book online in advance too as it’s a very popular place:



All hedgehogs in the shop are for sale, ranging from Y30,000 right through to over Y100,000. You can choose as many, or as few, hedgehogs to sit with you whilst in there.


First up, Maz chose this prickly little bundle of joy. Bib on….now pass me the ketchup.


You scoop them up out the box and you’re away.


Oh how very cute….until a few moments later, when all bladder and bowel control went out the window. And I’m not talking about Maz. She was covered in hedgehog wee! Afterwards, the little dude then proceeded to lock his jaw on her finger. I didn’t laugh.


So anyway, by now he’d shat all over her, urinated all over her jeans and then bit her finger. The prickly little mammal was lucky not to have experienced flight for the first time really. Anyway, he decided that after all that, Maz must really love him, so he curled up into a little ball and fell asleep in her cupped hands.


We looked away momentarily and when we turned back the hedgehog had morphed into a lizard. Not only a lizard, but one with a tail to match Maz’s top!



It was in interesting and unique place. The hedgehogs are very cute, although I don’t think they’d make good pets personally. You could quite easily mistake one for a slipper, for example, and that could be painful! It left me questioning the experience more than anything else, however. Hedgehogs are nocturnal and keeping them up all day to be gushed over didn’t sit too comfortably with me. I’ve no doubt that they’re looked after properly in the café, and then loved by their new owners once sold. But there was something about Harry that didn’t quite seem right somehow. Still, it gave me great pleasure in seeing Maz covered in hedgehog urine at least!


2 thoughts on “Tokyo guzzler June 2016, part 2 – A Hedgehog cafe?!?!

  1. It’s embarrassing how many times I have looked at this. Se me cae la baba. Ostras! Ayyyyyy! Mi hija………..y su marido!
    Marion – can’t wait for Bristol!


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