Tokyo guzzler February 2016, part 1 – Day trip to Nihon-ji (Big Buddha)

Half term means holiday time – AGAIN! Mind you, it has been a whopping 25 working days since our last break (4 of which were spent snowboarding in the mountains at Hakuba!) It’s a hard life!

Anyway, this week we finally got around to doing a day trip we’d been planning for a while (thanks Tokyo Cheapo). We headed to Mt. Nokogiriyama on the Boso Peninsula:

IMG_4746 (1024x683)

After three trains and a bus we made it to Kurihama Port where our ferry awaited us. The Tokyo-Wan Ferry crossing across Tokyo Bay lasted around 40 minutes.

IMG_4769 (1024x683)

These dudes had a bag of crisps and fed the gulls. At first just a few followed the boat, but after a while there must’ve been 50 or more.

IMG_4785 (1024x683)

Checking out the birds!

IMG_4798 (1024x683)

They hovered effortlessly and plucked the crisps out the air with precision. “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea” – Eric Cantona. 

IMG_4803 (1024x639)

Along came a big bird of prey, but the gulls weren’t phased and eventually it left empty clawed.

IMG_4836 (1024x683)

And after three trains, one bus and one boat, we’d arrived in Chiba – our third prefecture of the day! 

IMG_4841 (1024x683)

Not MORE transport?! How many methods can we fit in in one day?! We took the Nokogiriyama Ropeway to the top of the mountain.

IMG_4846 (1024x683)

The view from the top was stunning, looking out across Tokyo Bay back up towards Yokohama and Tokyo.

IMG_4854 (1024x683)

[Obligatory blog photo of Maz pretending to look through the binoculars]

IMG_4856 (1024x683)

Spring is nearly here. The temperature has been up in the high teens and the flowers are starting to bloom.

IMG_4881 (1024x683)

And we’d made it! This is the biggest of big Buddhas in Japan, standing at a whopping 31 metres tall. Twice the size of the Kamakura Buddha.

IMG_4893 (1024x683)

It’s hidden away and not well known at all. We were virtually the only visitors there and barely saw any gaijins all day long.

IMG_4898 (683x1024)

Big Buddha is watching you!

IMG_4901 (1024x683)

We trekked back up to the top of the mountain to look out across the bay again.

IMG_4914 (1024x683)

Stunning views (and a random man with a bonfire – or was it a BBQ?)

IMG_4920 (1024x683)

This felt a little like the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon, protruding out over a vast drop to mountain oblivion.

IMG_4921 (1024x683)

By now the sun was setting and it was time to get the ferry back across the bay to Kurihama Port, Kanagawa.

IMG_4823 (1024x683)

No seagulls on the way back (mainly because we’d eaten the crisps we’d planned to feed to them!); just a beautiful sunset with Fuji poking its head through the haze.

IMG_4923 (1024x683)

And a quick shout out for this “Magic Mushroom” air hockey machine. A good end to our day trippin’!



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