Tokyo guzzler January 2016, part 2 – The Deer of Nara

From Kyoto, we made the short train trip to Nara, formerly the capital of Japan:

IMG_3811 [Desktop Resolution]

Stairs, not leading to Tonkatsu Wako or lined with shiny lights. But leading to…

IMG_3816 [Desktop Resolution]

Deers! Millions of the feckers. Nara Park is full of deer roaming wild. And they bow for food!

IMG_3841 [Desktop Resolution]

“Get your deer feed here!” These deer knew the score and were prepared to be patient, even in the piddling down rain.

IMG_3834 [Desktop Resolution]

The deer were all over Maz when the coins in her purse a-jingled. “One pack of deer biscuits, onegaishimasu!” And that was it – Maz was in deer heaven.

IMG_3838 [Desktop Resolution]

The rain was incessant by now, and it was cold. So we headed for a little Japanese eatery. By now a pack of deer were following Maz’s every move. “Bow all you like, son, but you ain’t coming in!”

IMG_3852 [Desktop Resolution]

Onwards we went, through the rain. Nara is a beautiful place and we’re going back again in February, hopefully when the sun comes out.

IMG_3855 [Desktop Resolution]

We headed towards Tōdai-ji, a stunning Buddhist temple complex in the park.

IMG_3856 [Desktop Resolution]

The Great Buddha Hall. Absolutely huge. Deer, regarded as messengers of the gods in the Shinto religion, roam the grounds freely.

IMG_3865 [Desktop Resolution]

According to Wiki, the hall houses the world’s largest bronze statue of the Buddha Vairocana (on the right) – at just below 50ft.

IMG_3873 [Desktop Resolution]

This is definitely one of the more impressive temple complexes I’ve seen in Japan. We’ve seen so many in the last 18 months and most no longer have a wow factor about them. This, however, was massively impressive. The pictures do not justify just how big it is.

IMG_3847 [Desktop Resolution]

Oh dear oh deer.

IMG_3901 [Desktop Resolution]

At one point I thought this row of deer were going to leap on this lady. A sight I would literally have emptied my wallet to see. And so would her friend, judging by the look on her face.

IMG_3908 [Desktop Resolution]


IMG_3918 [Desktop Resolution]

We wandered into the misty woods. Still hundreds of deer. I hope the deer pass on my message to the gods about City staving off relegation this season!

IMG_3939 [Desktop Resolution]

Lanterns in the grounds of the Shinto shrine Kasuga-taisha. Over 3,000 of them in total.

IMG_3941 [Desktop Resolution]


What a stunning place Nara is. We were sceptical about the deer bowing for food. But they actually do. It’s quite an amazing sight. The grounds of Nara Park are wonderful to roam. Despite the incessant rain, we had a great day. In fact if anything, the rain kept a lot of people away, making it much quieter than I’d imagine it to normally be. Nara is a place to definitely revisit…


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