Tokyo guzzler November 2015, part 1 – Halloween in Tokyo

Halloween in Tokyo is a bigger deal than Christmas. It’s an excuse to get dressed up in all sorts of weird and wonderful outfits. Shibuya crossing and the surrounding streets turn into the world’s biggest street party for one night only. The concept of trick or treating doesn’t really exist here, thankfully. In fact it’s often abused back in England, giving youths an opportunity to go around deliberately scaring people and causing minor damage, as has happened again this year. Here’s a few photos from Scary Saturday in Tokyo:

IMG_3409 (1024x683)

Shibuya crossing. Busy at the best of times, let alone when packed with revelers and Ronald McDonalds.

IMG_3349 (1024x683)

I’m a Barbie girl / boy.

IMG_3340 (1024x683)

The crowds flocked from far and wide. It took an age to travel just a few yards.

IMG_3342 (1024x683)

Some of the outfits were unbelievable. These are not examples.

IMG_3352 (1024x683)

There’s a new blockbuster being released soon called “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. This was the Japan promotional tour, with big bear refereeing the grand finale.

IMG_3357 (1024x683)

Amazing outfit in the middle, which of course is why I love this picture.

IMG_3366 (1024x683)

Ghost Face crashing a selfie.

IMG_3371 (1024x683)

More mediocre attempts. These guys were very popular though and everyone wanted a photo with them. They could even have been a famous Japanese boy band, such as “Ogre You Asshole “, “Bump Of Chicken” or “Terrible Headache”.

IMG_3369 (1024x683)

After a hard night of fancy dressing and having your photo taken a zillion times, time for refuelling. And what better way than a fast food pick-me-up?

IMG_3374 (1024x683)

Ghost Face, even more shocked than normal at being confronted by a rather pronounced “package”.

IMG_3378 (1024x683)

It was only a little after 6pm and the crowds were mental. I dread to think how it would’ve been a few hours later.

IMG_3380 (1024x683)

Amazing face paint.

IMG_3381 (1024x683)

“Hai, chiizu”. If I heard that once, I heard it a million times.

IMG_3389 (1024x683)

A little snap of how busy it was from above. Every street was like this.

IMG_3393 (1024x683)

Mmmmm……BUD! The guy in front looks like he’s died and gone to heaven!

IMG_3402 (1024x683)

Back at the crossing after doing a little lap. A walk that would normally take 10 minutes took well over an hour.

IMG_3398 (1024x683)

A head cube, containing the sign used to show that an item is a recyclable plastic. Random.

IMG_3397 (1024x683)

10,000 yen. Or in Japanese, ichi-man. The old “Hey, I’m itchy, man” joke always works with the ladies. They love it! Killer.

IMG_3396 (1024x683)

Originally there was talk of a group of us going as bowling pins and one person going as a bowling ball. Clearly not an original idea. Next year’s costume is going to require some serious consideration.

IMG_3416 (1024x683)

Overall, I’d say there was an abundance of Super Mario costumes, slutty police and prisoners. You can have too many Super Marios and prisoners though I feel.

What a bizarre occasion. I wandered around and felt a bit sad not to be partaking. Next year we’ll definitely get involved!


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