Tokyo guzzler October 2015, part 2 – Kawaii Monster Cafe

This could be the most colourful blog post you’ll ever see!

So last night we went to Kawaii Monster Cafe, a new ‘themed’ restaurant in Harajuku. Tokyo is renowned worldwide for its themed restaurants. From the infamous Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, to Alcatraz ER (don’t ask!), via Alice in Wonderland, Tokyo has them all:

IMG_3210 (1024x683)

As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by a revolving merry-go-round in the shape of a lavishly decorated cake, appropriately dubbed the “Sweets-Go-Round”.

IMG_3211 (1024x683)

There were 4 different themed seating areas to choose from.

IMG_3213 (1024x683)

Alice in Wonderland-esque decor bizarreness.

IMG_3207 (683x1024)

Kawaii – or ‘cute’ in Japanese – is appropriately located near the end of Takeashita Street in Harajuku.

IMG_3208 (1024x683)

This is where we sat with our current set of guests.

IMG_3194 (1024x683)

Dinner time. Maz chose from the special Halloween menu. Pumpkin pasta, complete with a crispy courgette bat and three scary looking sauces.

IMG_3199 (1024x683)

Chicken in gravy, right? Wrong! Chicken on a sweet waffle, covered in chocolate sauce. A bizarre tasting dish. Tasty at first, but it got a little sickly towards the end.

IMG_3183 (1024x683)

The private booth area.

IMG_3185 (683x1024)

A quick trip to the loo between courses. Even the toilets were mental!

IMG_3200 (1024x683)

Back in time for dessert. Pancakes topped with strawberry and cream sauce and a mini cone to boot. Oishii desu.

IMG_3206 (1024x683)

Maz stuck wit the Halloween theme. Witch-shaped orange sorbet.

IMG_3178 (1024x683)

The bill came in at a very reasonable ¥3,500 (about £20 / $30) per head.

IMG_3175 (1024x683)

Back to the evolving merry-go-round for a final snap, and then it was time to leave.

IMG_3215 (1024x683)

The restaurant also has a shop where you can buy a smattering of kawaii-related souvenirs.

IMG_3216 (683x1024)


Personally, I loved Kawaii Monster Cafe. It’s vibrant and fun, and not as in-your-face as we’d expected. Service was friendly and attentive and the food was certainly different, and not in a bad way. We were given a loyalty stamp card on the way out, so I guess that means we’ll have to go back and try the other seating areas soon!

What else have you been up to on your week off, Guzzler? I can tell you’re just itching to know, so I will tell you:

IMG_2869 (1024x765)

We made a quick little trip back to Mocha Cat Cafe in Shibuya. The cats were more docile than last time, probably due to the fact they were sulking at having to adorn Halloween attire!

IMG_2872 (1024x765)

How cute!

IMG_3144 (1024x683)

A little trip to Akihabara, the world-famous electronics district in Tokyo. Streets are filled with retro games arcades, shops selling electronic goods dating back as far as you can imagine, and maid cafes!

IMG_3145 (683x1024)

Vibrant colours are plentiful, as are cones.

IMG_3156 (683x1024)

We popped into a random games arcade and came across these fully enclosed pods. You are surrounded by screens and it’s basically a robot simulator that you control. If you’re a gaming geek it looked like heaven!

IMG_3159 (1024x683)

We made a little trip to a maid cafe. A bizarre experience to say the least. We walked in to find a podium dancing maid being goaded by a glow stick-wielding fifty-something salary man. Just a regular day out in Tokyo….

IMG_3162 (1024x683)

We also had the great pleasure of visiting the National Diet Building, home to the Japanese government. A fascinating experience.

IMG_2884 (1024x765)

The Chamber of the House of Councillors. The Emperor sits in the grand chair at the top, overseeing proceedings on the opening day. It was an amazing chamber.

IMG_3165 (1024x683)

The tour is free and lasts around 1 hour. If you’re interested in politics, architecture, or a bit of both, then definitely do the tour. The building is beautiful on the inside.

IMG_2879 (1024x765)

YES! We even found a Pepper Lunch in Akihabara! This style dining would be a winner in the UK. Maybe one day we will open one….


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