Tokyo guzzler: September 2015, part 4 – Shibuya ‘Mocha’ cat cafe

If you don’t like cats then look away now…

After a dog-filled weekend (reminds me of a few nights out I had in Leeds), a trip to a brand new cat café in Shibuya was much needed. ‘Mocha’ cat café only opened a few weeks back. Most, if not all, of the cats in there are young and very playful. Maybe Maz and I should open a cat café one day…

IMG_2401 (1024x683)


IMG_2414 (683x1024)

This swinging chair looked really comfy and the little fella was definitely not moving for anyone.

IMG_2410 (683x1024)

Cage dancing cat.

IMG_2425 (1024x683)

My favourite, probably the most reluctant cat in the building.

IMG_2423 (1024x683)

Cage dancing shift over. Now time to relax.

IMG_2441 (1024x683)

There were numerous toys for the cats to play with. But their favourite moment came when Maz scrunched up a receipt into a little ball and flicked it across the room. They all went wild!

IMG_2430 (1024x683)

You just can’t beat a tickle on the tummy can you?

IMG_2454 (683x1024)

My favourite again, this time hiding behind the computer.

IMG_2446 (1024x683)

And again. What a beautiful bundle of fur…

IMG_2450 (1024x683)

The best cat café we’ve been to yet, although also the priciest.

IMG_2462 (1024x683)

Sleepy time.

IMG_2459 (1024x683)

Ready to pounce.

IMG_2471 (1024x683)

Feeding time congregation. Pussies galore.

IMG_2464 (683x1024)

This lady came in with a plate of meat and a spoon. The cats went nuts!

IMG_2474 (683x1024)

Lot’s of different coloured fluffy pussies. A quite magnificent sight!


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