Tokyo guzzler: September 2015, part 3 – Komazawa “Wan Wan” Carnival

We stumbled across this little festival in the park by our house over the weekend. By FAR the best festival in Komazawa Park so far!!!

IMG_2626 (1024x765)

“Say cheese….”

IMG_2695 (1024x764)

Corgi in a backpack. He probably had his packed lunch in there.

IMG_2633 (1024x764)

Halloween dude. This little fella is a tad premature but full marks for effort.

IMG_2492 (1024x683)

We stumbled across this event during our usual weekend stroll around Komazawa Park. There’s seemingly a festival there most weekends. We’ve had Ramen Fest, Niku (meat) Fest, Oktoberfest, Ice Cream Fest, and now this one. All previous events have had a reasonably healthy gaijin presence. Not this one though. We were the only gaijins there!

IMG_2654 (1024x765)

There was an arena where dogs had to jump over three hurdles and collect a ball from this box, then run back over the three hurdles. Pretty lame….but surprisingly entertaining actually! Here’s an action shot of Fido having just collected his ball.

IMG_2510 (1024x684)

“What have they done to me?”

IMG_2491 (1024x683)

Fashion conscious pooch.

IMG_2554 (767x1024)

Stevie Wonder dog.

IMG_2572 (1024x683)

This was the best bit of the festival. A dog sitting contest. Gina G’s “Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit” boomed out over the PA system. Dogs and their owners were invited onto the stage and the contest began. How long could the dogs remain in a sitting position….

IMG_2581 (1024x683)

After a few minutes, we were down to the final two. These were determined pooches. Bring on the distractors! The people in funny hats had tasty dog treats on them, trying to entice the dog into moving. This little fella was tempted, but – as you can see – his mummy was focused and 100% determined…

IMG_2579 (1024x683)

Both dogs remained seated in the head to head. A good 10 minutes had passed now since the start, and Gina G on loop was beginning to wear thin. Both owners were asked to leave the stage and go behind the screen, out of sight. The dogs. determined, remained seated. In the end, the little fella in front here won. The on looking crowd cheered and the victor was paraded through the streets of Komazawa afterwards!

IMG_2763 (765x1024)

Pushchairs…but not for children! Dogs are treated like kids over here. In fact it’s quite rare to see a child in a buggy. A dog in one, however, is not.

IMG_2561 (683x1024)

Dog run time trial! The queue for this was miles long. So, you left your dog at the start line, went to the finish line, and then called your dog once the clock had started! Some dogs fired down the run; others got a little confused (probably shocked actually at being allowed off their lead!).

IMG_2562 (1024x682)

They even had a leaders board. By category, obviously! As you can see, once dog clocked 3.01 seconds over 30 metres.

IMG_2495 (1024x681)

Then we passed a photo shoot! Seriously. Green screen too – I wonder what was superimposed onto it…

IMG_2557 (680x1024)

No green screen required for this one though. Komazawa Olympic Park Memorial Tower in the background.

IMG_2553 (1024x683)

Wow, a lion!

IMG_2551 (1024x683)

Shep on backing vocals.

IMG_2503 (1024x683)

Andy Café! Who’d have thought it?! Note the two distinct menus: human curry on the left, and the dog menu on the right. Do not order from the wrong menu!

IMG_2540 (683x1024)

Nice outfits!

IMG_2531 (1024x683)

Over now to the grooming tent. Dog grooming is huge over here.

IMG_2527 (1024x683)

Team photo.

IMG_2501 (1024x683)

Jesus Christ – I’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but never on your hip/arse.

IMG_2554 (2) (683x1024)

And finally….any visitors we’ve had this year will have heard us talk relentlessly about “The Beast”. A dog that lives just up the road from us and looks a bit like a lion. He sits on his balcony overlooking the road. Whenever we walk by he goes bananas, yet he remains perfectly calm when locals pass by. We concluded that he might be slightly racist, but we forgives him as he’s so damn cute! He makes a snorting sound, similar to a pig, when he walks along…..this is THE BEAST!


One thought on “Tokyo guzzler: September 2015, part 3 – Komazawa “Wan Wan” Carnival

  1. Well, what a laugh. My tea’s gone cold cos I was glued to the trip to the park. Well done. A dog-on original funny script. Lots of love to you both. So glad you are enjoying life so much. Mum/Marion


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