Tokyo guzzler: September 2015, part 2 – Hakuba residential during a typhoon…

The bi-annual school trip into the mountains of Hakuba….

The whole school made the journey, the convoy leaving in buoyant mood ahead of the much-anticipated adventure week away:

SAM_5985 (1024x768)

And this is what we arrived to. You may have seen on the news, a massive typhoon sweeping through Japan this week. It left a massive trail of destruction behind. This photo doesn’t really do justice to the scene. Cats and dogs doesn’t even come close…

SAM_5992 (1024x768)

Finally, on the THIRD day it stopped raining. The kids had been camping in some pretty horrendous conditions. Poor buggers. I had much sympathy from the (relative!) comfort of my tatami room!

SAM_6019 (1024x768)

Swan pedalos. Why is there never a black swan pedalo? We weren’t allowed on these, but we did go kayaking and canoeing. Both great fun.

SAM_6009 (1024x768)

Not quite the scene from The Wicker Man (although I’m sure by now a few teachers were feeling somewhat sacrificial towards one or two students).

SAM_6021 (1024x768)

The penultimate day and we went for a beautiful walk in the mountains. So peaceful – not a child in sight! At least, there wasn’t in THIS direction. There’s bloody dozens facing the other way. Arghhhhhhh!!!!

SAM_6025 (1024x768)

Lake Aoki – the blue lake. It was pretty spectacular once it stopped raining.

SAM_6026 (1024x768)

We discovered this abandoned house in tatters on the mountain. It looked like it would have made an awesome bonfire.

SAM_6030 (1024x768)

And then we came across this enticing-looking ski jump into a giant water pool. Skiers and snowboarders were thundering down the slopes, doing all sorts of tricks and turns through the air, then landing in the water. It looked like great fun!

SAM_6036 (1024x768)

But then the rain clouds rolled in before it absolutely lashed down – again. We got DRENCHED! This photo doesn’t do the scene any justice. It looked like the end of the world was steamrolling towards us. Incidentally, in just a few weeks this will be a packed ski slope under several feet of snow. We’ll be back in January to try it out! Hard life…

SAM_6039 (1024x768)

The final morning…..boy was it hot. What a beautiful view to start the day.

With it being a school trip, I sadly can’t say too much about it on here. There were parts that were great fun; and other parts which were, in all honesty, quite torturous. The kids however were great overall, as they were on the last trip to Hakuba. Which is more than can be said abut the weather. How bloody typical that a typhoon should happen to roll through during our stay. Anyway, back to Tokyo and possibly the best festival EVER….


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