Tokyo guzzler: August 2015, part 5 – Travelling from Vietnam to Cambodia via the Mekong Delta…

After nearly 2 weeks in Vietnam, starting in Hanoi, taking in Halong Bay and then travelling south to Ho Chi Minh City, it was time to head up into Cambodia. This was the one leg of our trip that we hadn’t previously booked before setting off on our travels. We’d heard about trips into Cambodia via the Mekong Delta and we booked one at a travel bureau in HCMC. I think we paid about $100 each for a 3 day / 2 night trip. Looking back, it was probably the best $100 we spent all holiday:

IMG_1085 (1024x683)

Our first port of call – The Happy Buddha.

SAM_5473 (1024x768)

By this point, Maz had become obsessed of snapping me in action. We now have dozens of shots of me taking photos. Knockout!!

IMG_1094 (1024x683)

Buddhist monks in prayer before their din dins. “Please, don’t let it be rice again. Oh….it’s rice…..again!”

IMG_2250 (1024x765)

The next leg of our tour took us on a short boat trip to this place for lunch. The dogs there were all skin and bones and it was quite sad. So Maz and I sacrificed our “pork” (didn’t look like any pork I’d seen before!) – and my omelette – and fed these 2 doggies. They loved Maz by the end. The lady in the blue looked less than impressed though!

SAM_5499 (1024x768)

Not sure I’d be happy wrapping a snake around my neck like that…

IMG_1144 (1024x683)

Traditional Vietnamese music in the forest. Not quite sure what instrument this dude is playing, but it sounded akin to a cat being strangled. The onlookers were not sure whether to laugh, cry, dance, sing along plug their ears, or run for the trees…..

SAM_5521 (1024x768)

Our next trip down the river. Conical on – let’s go!

IMG_1151 (1024x683)

We stayed in Can Tho city on the first night, and had an early start to visit the floating markets the following morning. We passed lots of shack housing along the river.

IMG_1153 (1024x683)

Floating Starbucks. A coffee shop on a boat. A godsend for those who can’t seem to function unless they get a caffeine fix first thing.

IMG_1161 (1024x683)

Into the floating market now and a boat full of watermelons.

IMG_1156 (1024x683)

Each wholesale boat had a mounted fruit or veg at the front of the boat showcasing what they have for sale. Pineapples for sale here.

IMG_1166 (1024x683)

Jackfruit anyone?

IMG_1195 (1024x683)

Following our early morning market boat excursion, we went on a little bike ride and came across dozens of baby ducklings. They were so cute, until a family of loud Germans came stomping across and scared them all away. Bastards! The bikes we hired were probably about 50 years old. Mine had significant trouble turning corners. Maz’s brakes didn’t work. One poor guy’s pedal fell off his deathtrap! It was great fun!

IMG_1188 (1024x683)

We then headed to a noodle factory where we were shown how Vietnamese noodles were made. As the guy bagged up the end product, he had a fag hanging out his mouth and looked like he was about to keel over and die in the soaring heat.

IMG_1215 (1024x683)

This was a beautiful part of the trip. A little boat through a bird sanctuary, weaving through the trees along some pretty narrow lanes .

IMG_1211 (1024x683)

Stop swiping left and get back to rowing our boat!

IMG_2272 (1024x765)

After our second night staying in the border city of Chau Doc, we set off for the Cambodian border by boat. The rain was as heavy as you can imagine. The heat and humidity in the boat meant all windows were steamed up. The driver could literally see nothing in front of him. Visibility was nil. Scary. The little dude n the blue had to basically open the flap and guide the driver up the river. And to top it off, we had a bloody irritating group of singing French schoolkids – and 2 cocky Germans who loved themselves – on the boat with us. ARGHHHHHH!!!!!

IMG_2278 (1024x765)

Yes! After a torturous and scary trip, we made it to the border. Visas purchased, only another 4 hour boat trip to go!

SAM_5543 (1024x768)

This was slightly more peaceful trip on a bigger boat, but we couldn’t shake off the French contingent or the cocky Germans. We resorted to beer to numb the European pain!

Hallelujah – we finally made it into Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital. Our 3 days trip was awesome, but the last day really dragged and we were happy to get across the border in one piece. It was a stressful last day, worrying about our luggage which travelled on a separate boat. Would it turn up? Thankfully it did. Cambodia here we come….


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