Tokyo guzzler: August 2015, part 4 – A couple of weeks in Vietnam…

Every so often, the Guzzler receives views from such random places as Venezuela, Chile, the Philippines and Croatia. Now, I’m pretty sure I don’t know anyone in these mysterious parts of the world. It’s led me to conclude that the intentions of my blog may have been misinterpreted by some. “Guzzler“, with the tag line “Fun times in Tokyo“, I guess could be part of a filthy search from deviants looking for a different kind of fun time! The dirty, filthy beggars! Well, there’ll be no such material on these pages thank you very much! Please divert your attention elsewhere! (Note: if you ARE looking for THAT kind of thing, please leave a comment and I’d be happy to research it in great detail for you!)

Anyway, back to the story….

The 30 hour train ride from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City sounded about as appealing as a kick in the nuts. Thus we opted for a 90 minute flight instead, taking in a bus ride from HCMC airport to the city centre:

IMG_0923 (1024x683)

The beautiful Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica, opened in the late 19th century. You can’t beat a visit to a good old cathedral when you’re on holiday can you?

IMG_0933 (1024x683)

Or a museum for that matter. The War Remnants Museum, a pretty gruesome place exhibiting items and photographs that will make your stomach churn.

IMG_0941 (1024x683)

“Tiger cages” in which the south Vietnamese government kept political prisoners from the north.

IMG_0946 (1024x683)

A guillotine used by the French and south Vietnamese to execute prisoners. Crazy to think that the last time it was used was in 1960.

IMG_0961 (1024x683)

This is more like it! Lots of tanks and guns.

IMG_0966 (1024x683)

A massive Chinook helicopter, captured from the US during the Vietnam War.

IMG_0975 (1024x683)

There were lots of planes and helicopters dotted around the grounds that had been captured from the US forces during the Vietnam War.

IMG_0980 (1024x683)

Me at the Reunification Palace. This is the site where the Vietnam War ended during the Fall of Saigon in April 1975, when a north Vietnamese army tank crashed through its gates and the south surrendered.

IMG_0987 (1024x683)

And here is said tank. I’m sure everyone has a list of people they’ve disliked over the years. I imagined rolling into a few of these persons’ front lawns on this bad boy. The thought left me dribbling with glee.

IMG_0994 (1024x683)

The building has been left as it was at the end of the war. It’s a pretty awesome place and well worth a visit if you’re in HCMC.

IMG_1002 (1024x683)

This helicopter – along with most other Vietnam War monuments in HCMC – memorialize the alleged bravery of the Communist Vietnamese forces and the alleged atrocities of the U.S. forces. There is a huge amount of war propaganda here.

IMG_0997 (1024x683)

The view from the Palace balcony. I waved to the crowds but no one seemed to wave back. Although I’m sure I overheard one person asking “Is that the Tokyo Guzzler up there?”

SAM_5438 (1024x768)

Here’s a statue to the man himself, Ho Chi Minh. The Vietnamese Communist revolutionary leader who was prime minister and president of North Vietnam. After the war, Saigon was renamed Hồ Chí Minh City. Guzzler City? It’s got a certain ring to it. Probably best not to Google it though….

SAM_5447 (1024x768)

Bitexco Financial Tower – the tallest building in HCMC. The design drew inspiration from Vietnam’s national flower, the Lotus. Hmmmm…..if you say so!

IMG_1056 (1024x683)

Looking out from the Saigon Skydeck.

IMG_1060 (1024x683)

HCMC sprawled out for miles around.

IMG_1037 (1024x683)

Night shot of HCM.

IMG_1041 (1024x683)

This strip was packed on a weekend at night time. Tourists, local revelers and pickpockets galore.

Time to start making our way up into Cambodia…


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