Tokyo guzzler: August 2015, part 3 – A couple of weeks in Vietnam…

During our stay in Hanoi, we decided to take a short trip to Halong Bay. It’s a four hour road trip from Hanoi and we opted for the two days / one night cruise around the bay. The scenery was stunning; not a floating shopping trolley in sight:

SAM_5355 (1024x768)

Our home on Halong Bay for 2 days. We’d heard that a lot of the cheaper boats had rats on them. Err… thanks, we’ll take the slightly nicer boat please! And I’m glad we did as it was very pleasant.

SAM_5363 (1024x768)

Hạ Long Bay is located in northeastern Vietnam and is one of the “New7Wonders of Nature” apparently. It’s pretty spectacular, with over 2000 islands and islets apparently. Although you wouldn’t want to count them.

IMG_2159 (1024x765)

We kayaked around a floating village and saw an oyster farm.

SAM_5364 (1024x768)

“Captain, we’re heading straight for the rocks!”

IMG_0809 (1024x683)

Beautiful scenery as the sun went down.

IMG_0810 (1024x683)

Full steam ahead, captain. All clear up front.

IMG_0822 (1024x683)

We met a fellow Bristolian couple on the boat. It made a pleasant change as up until that point it’d seemed like the whole of Australia had upped sticks and moved to Vietnam. We swam in the bay, but the water was disappointingly dirty and didn’t help my already delicate stomach. I guess the hundreds of boats in the bay every day have ruined the water somewhat.

IMG_0848 (1024x683)

Parked up for the night, hand brake on. Hands up if you want a beer….

IMG_0856 (1024x683)

Floating shops. “Any Mars bars, love? I’m famished!” Not such a daft question actually….I can see a box of Snickers on the right boat and copious amounts of Pringles and crates of beer. If I owned this boat I’d definitely eat all the stock and just tell the gaffer it fell overboard (whilst innocently wiping away the choco smears from round my mouth).

IMG_0865 (1024x683)

A beautiful sunset over Halong Bay.

IMG_0869 (1024x683)

As the sun went down, a cookery class took place on deck. Yessss, Maz could make my tea after all. Yum yum!

IMG_0872 (1024x683)

Bye bye sun….same time tomorrow please.

IMG_0879 (1024x683)

The following morning we took a short boat trip to some caves on one of the islands. The view was amazing.

IMG_0895 (1024x683)

Our Halong trip was now reaching an end sadly. It was a beautiful couple of days. We headed back to Hanoi later that afternoon, our minibus narrowly missing a cow as it ambled in front of our vehicle on the way. Next stop, Ho Chi Minh City…


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