Tokyo guzzler: August 2015, part 1 – Day trip to Mount Takao

Back on the Japan tourist trail after a month off travelling around Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand (updates incoming…). Today, we went to Mount Takao – a 599m mountain on the outskirts of west Tokyo:

SAM_5948 (1024x768)

Hmm….decisions, decisions. Which way shall we go. Lots of routes to choose from….

SAM_5837 (768x1024)

Choice made. Chair lift half way up the mountain! Well you can’t blame us- it was 95 degrees! I resisted the urge to swing like a monkey on the lift.

SAM_5854 (1024x768)

The only other time I’ve been on one of these was whilst snowboarding in Hakuba. Back then, I managed to make a complete twat of myself, repeatedly falling in front of a giggling group of twelve year olds. Dismounting from this was somewhat easier!

SAM_5857 (1024x768)

Thinking of the beer awaiting me atop the mountain!

SAM_5863 (1024x768)

Mount Takao monkey park. I might’ve know Maz would lead us this way….

SAM_5865 (1024x768)


SAM_5879 (1024x768)

Playful little fella! I think Maz had planned to leave me there. To be fair, I do have similar table manners to our furry friends.

SAM_5891 (1024x768)

I might get some fencing like this for a future garden.

SAM_5895 (766x1024)


SAM_5908 (1024x768)

We made it to the top. It was a sweaty trek but well worth it. The view was spectacular, if a little hazy (as usual for this time of year). We’ll go back in the winter to get some clearer views of Fuji-san.

SAM_5899 (1024x768)

Lots of little temples and shrines en route. Unusual for Japan!

SAM_5907 (1024x768)

A red temple. Red is my most favouritest colour – ever!

SAM_5917 (1024x769)

Happy chappy at the top of the mountain. Now where’s my celebratory beer?

SAM_5915 (768x1024)

Ah ha! Soba noodles lunch washed down with an ice cool Asahi. Heavenly!

SAM_5922 (768x1024)

On the way back down the mountain. We took the nature trail , away from all the tourists. Very quiet and very pretty.

SAM_5939 (1024x768)

We came across this little waterfall and shrine near the bottom. For some reason I seem to have focused more on this ugly garden shed-like structure, rather than the beautiful shrine to the right, just out of picture. Plonker.

SAM_5926 (1024x768)

Me desperately trying to avoid a tennis ball-sized wasp (or was it just a fly?). Thanks for this Maz.

SAM_5941 (1024x768)

In Bullseye terms, here’s what you could’ve won. We chose the chair lift to go up the mountain, but there is also a summery-looking cable car as an alternative. I think we made the right choice.

SAM_5947 (1024x770)

Oh yes! After walking around a mountain in 90+ degree heat for hours, what better than a good old Mr Wippy!!! No 99s though sadly.

Mount Takao was a great little day out with lots of see and some beautiful walks. GIT Tours will definitely be returning there some time soon!


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