Tokyo guzzler: June 2015, part 2 – Japan Darts Masters

Lost In Translation – a classic film. We watched it last week for the first time in many years on our newly purchased TV (yes – we now have one after going nearly a whole year without!). It was great to see the film again after such a long time, even more so now we live here in Tokyo. This weekend we encountered a few ropy translations of our own….

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a darts nut! Yes, I love the arrows. “Working man’s golf”, as PDC maestro Barry Hearn calls it. This weekend saw the first appearance from the PDC stars on Japanese soil. What an event it was:

IMG_0462 (1024x683)

Osanbashi Hall, Yokohama. The hall is located on Osanbashi Pier, an international cruise terminal in Yokohama Bay. This weekend saw it converted into a darting emporium for over 1,000 fans of darts and beer. The place was literally swaying at times, especially on Sunday night with a gale blowing outside.

SAM_5184 (1024x768)

On Saturday night, a Japanese couple came and sat with us at our table. After a short silence following the initial “kon-ban-wa”, the man informed us that he was in fact a Japanese soft-tip professional darts player. Impressive stuff we thought. Unfortunately though, his English left a lot to be desired (much like our Japanese). After a couple of ropy messages he’d shown to us on his iPhone translation app, I could see him eagerly typing away again. Then, thrusting his phone towards my face, I could see the words “Bunting is throws happily”. Yes, very happily indeed I’m sure. Shortly afterwards, during Adrian Lewis’ game, I could see him reaching for his phone again. “Lewis is a pupil of the chiller”, read the next message. “Absolutely”, I wholeheartedly agreed! After several pints of beer, this sort of thing can reduce a man to tears of delight!


“Stand up if you love the darts” – a famous chant you hear at any darts tournament in England. During the second match of the night, a spontaneous version of this broke out amongst the Japanese contingent. Maz and I looked at each other confused. Having observed the many fans singing this, only 1 person was actually stood up whilst doing so. We tried following it up with a rendition of “Feed the snake” but it didn’t really get the response I’d hoped for!


Hehehe…..broadcast around the world. COYR!


Mrs “I don’t want to look like a munter on ITV4” and her friend Rod Harrington. Not the first time they’ve been photographed together on a drunk night at the darts and probably not the last…


Well if Maz is going to acquire friends, then so am I! These are the 2 walk on girls, who we happened to bump into outside the venue at the end. Although I can barely remember this, I look extremely happy. Heaven knows why!!! Kawaii!!!

The rest of the weekend was spent around Yokohama seaside, a really vibrant place. Here are some pictures:

IMG_0459 (1024x681)

Downtown Yokohama, taken from Osanbashi Pier shortly before the heavens opened.

IMG_0457 (1024x683)

Visitor’s Dick to the right.

IMG_0456 (682x1024)

“It is cautious of a prickle”. Oh yes, VERY cautious indeed.

IMG_0439 (1024x683)

Bloody big fruit tree!

This will be the last blog update for a little while. We finish school this Friday and have 7 (or SEVEN, as they’d confirm on the BBC videprinter) whole weeks off for summer. For the first 4 of these we’ll be in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, trying to avoid such culinary delights as roasted rat on a stick or snake heart shots. I will update you on our travels – and culinary near misses – in August. Enjoy your summer.

The Tokyo Guzzler x


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