Tokyo guzzler: May 2015, part 4 – Enoshima Island

On Tuesday we travelled to Enoshima Island, a small little place about 50km to the south of Tokyo. It was the hottest day of the year so far with the mercury topping out at 82 degrees. Perfect for a little exploration:

IMG_0321 (683x1024)

Nice hat! This stone marks the start of the 600m bridge across the sea to reach the island.

IMG_0327 (1024x683)

When you cross the bridge and arrive on the island, you walk up this narrow street lined with shops and eateries selling all sorts of local delicacies, such as octopus on a stick, octopus fried in batter, dried sheets of octopus….in fact the list of octopus delights is virtually endless. I don’t really like octopus – at all.

IMG_0329 (1024x683)

At the top of octopus delight street is Enoshima Shrine.

IMG_0330 (1024x683)

“Can you guess what it is yet?” Artists facing back down the fishy street. “Is it octopus on a stick?”

IMG_0341 (1024x567)

There were dozens of hawks gliding overhead throughout the day. Their wingspan was enormous. They made the Japanese chicken-sized crows look tiny in comparison.

IMG_0362 (683x1024)

Samuel Cocking Garden. Good name that at no point made me snigger! This place reminded me of The Bahamas. Palm trees, beautiful colours, flowers and wildlife. Stunning.

IMG_0382 (1024x683)

A real life working Tracy Island. Shortly after this was taken, the trees parted and Thunderbird 2 took to the sky. We met Brains for lunch but he politely requested not to be photographed, so I have no evidence that this actually happened.

IMG_0368 (1024x683)

The view towards Enoshima from the 60m observation tower.

IMG_0347 (1024x683)

Another little shrine. You can never have too many shrines.

IMG_0392 (1024x683)

Ringing the Enoshima love bell.

IMG_0390 (1024x683)

Menacing looking dragon overlooking another little shrine. There are dragons all over the island.

IMG_0396 (1024x683)

At the back end of the island you could walk down onto the rocks. There were loads of little fish and crabs around.

IMG_0398 (1024x683)

This is a man, fishing.

IMG_0411 (1024x683)

Waves crashed up against the rocks. We sat and watched for a while, but made a swift retreat once the tide started coming in. Didn’t much fancy having to be rescued by the coastguard (or Gordon Tracy in his yellow submersible).

IMG_0413 (1024x683)

Looking for crabs.

IMG_0419 (1024x683)

Friendly wild cats live all over the island. Maz got very snap happy at this point, so I’m now the proud owner of several hundred cat photos. Great.

IMG_0427 (1024x683)


IMG_0437 (1024x683)

The dragon had just stolen Maz’s hat so we hired this sumo dude to win it back for us. Sumo versus a dragon. Tough call….

IMG_0438 (1024x683)

The sumo dude won, hoorah! What better way to celebrate than by wolfing down 25 Mr Whippy’s?!


One thought on “Tokyo guzzler: May 2015, part 4 – Enoshima Island

  1. Wonderful. I love the hawk photo. Glad about the hat too. It is super to share your jokes! Keep the Guzzlers coming! Marion


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