Tokyo guzzler: May 2015, part 3 – Roppongi Hills Tower

It’s been a long time coming….

We’ve been to Roppongi Hills Tower on numerous occasions as I’d been desperate to witness the view from the top. But each time previously it’d been closed for refurbishment (each time we turned up we’d forgotten this fact, despite it being clearly advertised). So, we FINALLY got to ascend Roppongi Hills on Monday evening. And what a view it was too! (Apologies in advance – some of the photos are a little similar!):

IMG_0272 (1024x683)

We arrived atop the tower in time for sunset. The sky and clouds were a stunning mixture of colours.

IMG_0285 (681x1024)

Tokyo Tower, slightly taller than its Eiffel counterpart, and more colourful.

IMG_0287 (1024x683)

Fuji is somewhere over in the distance, but it wasn’t visible the other evening. No doubt we’ll be going back in the winter months to see it (as long as it doesn’t blow its top in the meantime).

IMG_0300 (1024x683)

Various apartment and office blocks, looking out towards Otemachi and the financial district.

IMG_0304 (1024x683)

It’s nice to now have a camera that works at night time!

IMG_0301 (1024x694)

Tokyo Tower to the left, with the Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba in the top right.

IMG_0307 (1024x683)

The view the other way, looking out towards Shinjuku and another massive skyscraper district.

IMG_0311 (683x1024)

Tokyo Midtown Tower. I used to have a student that I visited in this block. His views were immense (as you’d expect for several thousand pounds rental fee per month!). All that this photo is missing is the Batman signal lighting up the night sky.

IMG_0318 (683x1024)

Final view of the tower. You can see a giant Ferris wheel in the background (to the right of the tower near the top). This is Tokyo Disney. DO NOT GO THERE. You have been warned!

IMG_0319 (683x1024)

Down at the bottom of Roppongi Hills, looking up towards the Sky Deck on 54F. This tower is EASILY the best viewing deck in Tokyo. It blows Tokyo Tower, Carrot Tower, Skytree and the Tokyo Metropolitan Building out the water. The views are sublime due to its central location. This is a must-see for anyone coming over who wishes to see the vastness of this place.

Yesterday we went to Enoshima Island – update to follow…..


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