Tokyo guzzler: May 2015, part 2 – Ueno Park and Akihabara

Back on the tourist trail, this time with a trip to Ueno Park and Akihabara:

IMG_0146 (1024x683)

(As I type, we have just had a 5.6 magnitude earthquake here. Probably the shakiest quake we’ve felt to date). Yesterday we headed to Ueno Park, Japan’s most popular city park, for the first time.

IMG_0161 (1024x683)

Japanese food stalls selling all kinds of food, from chocolate-coated bananas on a stick to fried octopus balls (that’s balls of octopus, as opposed to octopus testicles!). There was even a Turkish kebab stall! Bit early in the day for one of them though.

IMG_0173 (1024x683)

The park is filled with temples, shrines and museums.

IMG_0165 (686x1024)

Cormorant on a power line.

IMG_0178 (1024x681)

There’s a huge amount of wildlife in the park. These old boys were feeding bread to the little sparrows.

IMG_0170 (683x1024)

Maz on the lookout for turtles. Back home, the only “turtles” you’re likely to see are down on Weston beach just after high tide. However you can bet your life you’ll see turtles in any ponds or lakes in Tokyo…

IMG_0182 (1024x683)

Spot the turtle!!! This little fella was sunbathing on a rock, looking out over the lake towards the sprawling suburban metropolis.

IMG_0190 (1024x683)

Loads of ’em!

IMG_0184 (1024x683)

Pedalos! Next time, we can take a few cans and hire one for the afternoon.

IMG_0188 (1024x684)

White pigeon – probably.

IMG_0193 (1024x683)

Shinobazu Pond, situated in the south of Ueno Park. The pond is divided into three sections. One called Lotus Pond because of the plants that completely cover its surface during the summer, one called Boat Pond because of the rental boats it hosts, and the third called Cormorant Pond, which takes its name from the birds that inhabit it.

IMG_0203 (1024x683)

Ueno Park rockabilly dancers. Quite a sight. They must’ve been unbelievably hot!

IMG_0209 (683x1024)

Several moments later, the guy in the top left gave himself a hernia. Too much twisting for one day!

IMG_0201 (1024x683)

Let’s play bawl! Rounders – sorry, baseball – in the park.

IMG_0197 (1024x683)

Around Ueno station there are alleys lined with market stalls selling anything and everything.

IMG_0232 (1024x683)

From Ueno we made the quick hop over to Akihabara, Tokyo’s main electronics and gaming district. Probably the most colourful place we have been to yet.

IMG_0227 (681x1024)

It’s also home to many of the city’s maid cafes. Maids-a-plenty line the streets trying to entice you in. One of us needed little persuasion. The other one needs a little convincing….maybe next time.

IMG_0234 (1024x683)

They close the main roads in lots of busy areas in Tokyo on Sundays. It’s great. George Ferguson would love it, the red-trousered tit that he is. This photo is similar to the one used on the Abbey Road Beatles’ album, in that it contains a zebra crossing. However that is where the similarity ends.

IMG_0239 (682x1024)

How did this one get in there?! Oops!


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