Tokyo guzzler: April 2015, part 3 – Komazawa niku fest!

Onward, Christian MEAT Soldiers!

Last weekend saw the Komazawa “Niku Fest”, or meat festival. What could be better than a festival of meat and beer? Not a lot I hear you cry! Unfortunately, I was so hung-over from having staggered home from a club at 6.30am on Saturday morning that I couldn’t take full advantage, having instead to settle for a hangover Dominos. However, Niku Fest is happening again this weekend and, with hot weather forecast, I feel a meat & beer extravaganza all-dayer in the offing:

IMG_1972 (1024x765)

Hands up if you want a MEAT Soldier t-shirt? A veritable bargain at just ¥3,000. Especially if you get it in Guantanamo orange!

IMG_1964 (1024x765)

Komazawa Olympic Park, about a 2 minute walk from our house and home to Niku Fest. Around about 30 meat stalls and numerous beer tents dotted around the outside, with seating and “entertainment” nearby. Entertainment that wouldn’t look out of place on Eurovision. Fist clenching, key changes, Westlife-esque rising from stools at the end of the song…..they had all the moves. Maybe “Cheese Fest” would be a suitable alternative name.

IMG_1965 (1024x765)

I later found out that this gigantic queue was for meat sushi. As long as the meat isn’t horse, I’m in. Unfortunately – being unable to read Japanese – it’s quite often a gamble at this kind of festival. And when it comes to food, I’m definitely not a gambler!

IMG_1970 (1024x765)

These guys were bloody amazing! A proper brass band, but with fantastic dance moves accompaniment. They played a rousing version of Unchained Melody. I’m ashamed to say I once owned Robson & Jerome’s version on cassette (I was only 9 at the time so I hope that can now be forgiven!)

IMG_1981 (1024x765)

How did this one get in there?! Girl band “The Happy Penguins” made a rare public appearance at the festival to promote their sixth studio album “Never Mind The Penguins”, a follow up to the less successful double album “Penguins On Main Street / Achtung Penguin”. I love penguins, both the milk chocolate versions and especially this version, but I won’t be buying the new album.

IMG_1988 (1024x765)

And this is just a pretty tree-lined road I saw on my way to futsal last night. It’s right by the former Olympic Stadium, which has now been reduced to a pile of rubble in preparation for the new 2020 stadium. They need to flatten the ground ready for its arrival from outer-space, some time in 2019.


This is what the spacecraft / stadium will look like once it lands / is built. The economy might be royally fucked, but no expense is being spared here clearly!


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