Tokyo guzzler: April 2015, part 2 – Out and about in Tokyo

Over 8 months in Japan and it’s still just as fascinating as the day we arrived. We’ve had a steady flow of visitors from back home, most recently my good friend and housemate from university; and we have plenty more in the coming months too:

IMG_0005 (1024x683)

I have a brand spanking new camera. This one’s a proper job so hopefully the quality of pictures should go up from now on. We took it out for its maiden voyage last weekend whilst showing our guest around Tokyo. This is the scramble crossing in Shibuya…..

IMG_0006 (1024x683)

…..and again, just moments later when all hell breaks loose. You should see it on a Friday and Saturday night. Or at Halloween, when you literally cannot move.

IMG_0014 (1024x683)

Who’d have thought all those years back when we lodged together in the shit-tip that was Burley, Leeds, that we’d be meeting up on the other side of the globe?! Madness.

IMG_0020 (1024x683)

We stumbled across this bric-a-brac market near the Imperial Palace gardens. All sorts of Japanese antique tat, some of which was actually very nice.

IMG_0023 (683x1024)

Face-off between Maz (in the red corner) and a Japanese dude who looks like he’s on his way to the crown green bowls club. Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!

IMG_0030 (1024x683)

Anyone for croquet? You can hardly miss with a wicket this big!

IMG_0033 (1024x683)

We missed the cherry blossom season largely, but we still saw remnants, as shown here. New camera doing the business well.

IMG_0037 (1024x683)

Ronald McDonald’s mum (minus the yellow trousers which I assume were in the wash) spoiling my picture.

IMG_0080 (1024x683)

The Imperial Palace, home to the Emperor. I’m yet to receive my invite to tea, although I hear he’s an avid Guzzler reader so hopefully it will turn up soon.

IMG_0076 (1024x683)

Old versus new.

IMG_0057 (1024x683)

Tokyo Budokan, the venue of our Noel Gallagher gig a few nights previous. A little prettier than your average arena, no?

IMG_0084 (1024x683)

The giant spider statue at Roppongi Hills. RH has lots of art installations, as well as a giant skyscraper you can ascend to get a magnificent view of the city. Unfortunately it’s been closed for maintenance for the past 4 months – although we keep forgetting this small-but-important fact and turning up all excited ready to go up, before having our dreams shattered in the blink of an eye. Thankfully it opens again today so next time we’ll be lucky.

IMG_0066 (1024x683)

Maz, chilling by the lake after smashing the crown bowls dude to a pulp with her handbag. That’s my girl!

IMG_0095 (1024x683)

Yes, that’s a giant Godzilla on the roof of the new cinema in Shinjuku.

IMG_0096 (1024x683)

This temple has recently been painted red to celebrated Bristol City’s fine championship-winning season. 60+ years since we last won a league title, and the bastards had to do it the year I left for Japan!

IMG_0097 (1024x683)

Fletch and I went to the Robot Restaurant. My second outing there. This is the waiting area they put you before going into the main hall. I hear they hired Pat Butcher as the interior designer for this room. Might not be true but sounds plausible.

IMG_0108 (1024x683)

“Would you like to see a giant snake?” I asked a local lass as we left the Robot Restaurant. The slap around the face was a little uncalled for in my opinion.

IMG_0069 (1024x683)

Still celebrating in the park in front of the blossom. However I particularly like the lady in the background who has gone to great lengths to blend in with those beautifully stylish pink trousers.

IMG_0074 (1024x683)

Arty farty snap to test the new camera. Hit the bulls-eye with the first throw.

IMG_0126 (1024x683)

The lights of Shinjuku have to be seen. I dread to think of the electricity bills of some of these places.

IMG_0125 (1024x683)

More lights.

IMG_0133 (1024x683)

Lights overload….I need a pint….

IMG_1944 (765x1024)

I think I’ll try a glass of your finest Wanko please, landlord!


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