Tokyo guzzler: April 2015, part 1 – Noel Gallagher in Tokyo

It’s been a while….

Apologies for not posting an update in the past month. Lots has been going on, but nothing really Japan-related. We went home to the UK for Easter. It was great for catching up with my 3 favourite F’s – family, friends and football! I turned 30 last weekend also. Thanks for all the birthday messages.

So we’re now back fully into the work routine. We have our third visitor staying with us currently which is great because it means we’ll be out sightseeing this weekend – meaning I can update the Guzzler at last!!

However just briefly….last night we went to another gig:

IMG_1923 (1024x765)

Tokyo Budokan, a 14,000 capacity octagonal-shaped arena in central Tokyo, built for the Judo competition during the 1964 Olympics. The Beatles were the first band to play here afterwards.

20150416_191928 (1024x768)

Last night it welcomed Noel Gallagher and his High Flying Birds band.

Noel rattled through his solo hits, of which there were a surprising amount. The biggest cheers of the night however were reserved for Oasis hits “Don’t Look Back In Anger“, “Champagne Supernova” and “The Masterplan“. Noel is not a great guitarist and definitely not a great performer (in my opinion). There was one thing missing from the gig – Liam. Noel plods away on his rhythm guitar (it took him until the final song of the main set to play any sort of lead solo – on DLBIA). He surrounds himself with good musicians and vivid visuals, but I think you’d be hard pressed to give any more than 6/10.

20150416_191906 (1024x768)

Japanese crowds go silent between songs, meaning you can hear anything and everything that any individuals shout out. “Let me be your housekeeper”, one woman near the stage pleaded with Noel. After a brief exchange, Noel decided that he didn’t need one but that his keyboard player might benefit from her services. But then finished off by saying, “But you don’t want to work for him – he’s a tight cunt”. Met by laughter from Maz and me….and a deafening, stony silence from the Japanese crowd. I told you they can’t speak English!

IMG_1938 (1024x768)

“I’m here to sell you some shit. Buy my shit. ……………….not literally.” Again, you could hear a pin drop.

IMG_1937 (1024x768)


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