Tokyo guzzler: January 2015, part 2 – Yokohama day trip

Yokohama – Japan’s second largest city with 3.7m inhabitants. Although in reality, it’s another suburb of Tokyo as the two cities just merge into one. Funnily enough, it actually reminded me of Liverpool in parts, minus thieving little Scousers running around shouting “D’ya know Stanley?” whilst removing your hub caps:

SAM_4289 (1024x768)

The entrance to Chinatown – the largest in Japan and one of he largest in the world. It’s amazing.

SAM_4302 (1024x768)

One of the many alleys lined with Chinese restaurants and shops.

SAM_4303 (1024x768)

Gourmet night. “What do you do if you don’t like duck?” “Well….if you don’t like duck, you’re rather stuck!”

SAM_4305 (1024x768)

Chinese dumplings not looking too popular here.

SAM_4307 (1024x768)

Harbourside. Jeez it was perishingly cold!

SAM_4310 (1024x768)

Yokohama is much more relaxed than Tokyo. More space to wander in, and a gert big wheel too! And a dragon ferry.

SAM_4314 (1024x768)

Yokohama Cosmo World. Not to be confused with the crap food restaurant back home.

SAM_4328 (1024x768)

It was blowing a gale outside whilst we rode the wheel. Rocking all over the place it was.

SAM_4341 (1024x768)

Ping Pong heaven. I loved this game. Basically the machine fires out millions of balls at a quick speed and you have to return as many as possible. Not as easy as it sounds.

SAM_4370 (1024x768)

I hope that’s a beater in his hand! Random Japanese arcade game!

SAM_4375 (1024x768)

Big wheel at dusk.

SAM_4388 (1024x768)

Awesome view as the sun goes down.

SAM_4403 (1024x768)

Back down in Chinatown.


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