Tokyo guzzler: January 2015, part 1 – Ski trip to Hakuba

What a busy month!

It feels like we literally haven’t stopped during the month of January. I’ve started my new job; we’ve had our first visitor from back home; Maz has been on a work jolly trip to San Diego; and for the last few days we’ve both been snowboarding in Hakuba with school. It’s been exhausting!

Some photos from January:

IMG_1571 (765x1024)

He was exhausted! In fact he looked so tired, I think he’s probably still asleep somewhere on the Tokyo metro system.

IMG_1584 (1024x765)

Where’s Gerrard? The Tokyo equivalent of Where’s Wally. Bottom right clearly didn’t get the memo. Chants of “Riverpoor, Riverpoor” rang around the pub.

IMG_1586 (1024x765)

Anyone for fish on a stick?

IMG_1622 (1024x765)

Our vessle, after a nice boat / spaceship trip down the river from Asakusa to Odaiba.

IMG_1654 (765x1024)

Anyone for ass meat? When put so delicately, how could one resist?

For most of the last week I have been in Hakuba, which is about 275 km north-west of Tokyo. It was the annual school ski trip. It was generally good fun, despite a 5 hour coach trip in each direction. It was my first experience of snowboarding and, after the pain it inflicted upon my entire body, quite possibly my last! I even managed to play my first gig in nearly 10 years after making an unscheduled appearance behind the drums during the school music evening:

IMG_1669 (1024x765)

Day one in Hakuba. Relatively injury free at this point. On the piste.

IMG_1671 (1024x765)

Every time I rode the ski lift, it reminded me of that film where three students get stuck after the operator clocked off for the day. All of them met a grizzly end.

SAM_4272 (1024x768)

I’d never seen so much snow.

SAM_4275 (1024x768)

Final morning and we’d advanced to the intermediate slopes. And my pain was also advancing at an equally rapid rate.

SAM_4276 (1024x768)

View from the top of the run.

SAM_4277 (1024x768)

By the end of the trip, I’d become an expert at getting off the ski lift. Before this however, I’d made myself look like a complete arse by falling off on several occasions.

SAM_4279 (1024x768)

One lad decided that he’d rather walk up the mountain than get the ski lift. 45 minutes it took him to get to the top of the slope. Nutty.


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