Tokyo guzzler: Days 136-137 – Happy New Year!

Happy (belated!) New Year!!!

IMG_1540 (765x1024)

Yakisoba noodles – a new year tradition in Japan. Maz was not willing to share.

IMG_1545 (765x1024)

Gert big mallet. I have no idea what he was hitting, but he hit it hard. Maz tells me it’s Mochi Mochi. A new year snack that has caused several deaths by choking. I’ll give it a miss, thanks.

IMG_1550 (1024x765)

New year bonfire. No Guy Fawkes in sight though.

IMG_1552 (765x1024)

Tokyo Tower.

SAM_4177 (1024x768)

Amazing food stalls everywhere.

SAM_4193 (1024x768)

This one was the best. A kind of healthy Japanese kebab. A Jabab maybe?

SAM_4236 (1024x768)

Zojoji Temple, in front of the Tower. We were expecting fireworks from the tower…

SAM_4246 (768x1024)

…..but they didn’t materialise.

SAM_4248 (1024x768)

New Year’s Day. The lead up to Meiji Shrine. It’s traditional to visit a shrine or temple over new year in Japan. The crowds are crazy.

SAM_4250 (1024x768)

Impressive display of lanterns.

SAM_4256 (1024x768)

Crowds queuing to get to the shrine.

SAM_4258 (1024x768)

Meiji Shrine.

SAM_4269 (1024x307)


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