Tokyo guzzler: Days 89-99 – Out and about in Tokyo

Wow. Saturday’s tea time football was an eye-opener. It had been billed as a David versus Goliath clash. In fact it ended up more like Red Rum versus Muffin the Mule!

I’d been keenly anticipating resurrecting my football career for the last few weeks, training hard and building up fitness levels. So the day finally arrived and we were due to play a team called Panthers, top of the highest TML division and, undoubtedly, a tricky game for me to start with. My new team got relegated out of the top division last season and currently sit mid-table in the second of four divisions.

So what really didn’t help was us needlessly getting a player sent off after 25 minutes. We had minimal chance 11 on 11, let alone minus a man. Now at the age of 29, I wouldn’t consider myself a spring chicken in footballing terms. However, I was the youngest person in our team this weekend, playing in a defence with an average age of well over 40! Against a team of twenty-somethings. The game started well and was surprisingly even. But after the early red card was dished out, we lost all shape and composure. The score finished 0-7 and it was a bit embarrassing in the end. Personally, I didn’t play too bad and was satisfied with my first game in a long time. It’s back to league action this weekend and in hoping for a run out in a more favourable position.

My English classes are going really well now. I’ve got a good solid base of clients, most of whom are finance professionals, and the classes are flowing much smoother the more I do. At the time of writing I’ve run 33 classes and I seem to be picking up more students gradually. It seems to be a really good way of meeting people and I really like all my regulars. All of them are re-booking an all are becoming more confident and competent as time goes on.

In other news, I saw a man earlier in a short mini-skirt with socks pulled up to his knees. Truly amazing sight! It made me chuckle lots but none of the locals seemed to bat an eyelid. Funny ’cause when I tried something similar it nearly caused a riot.

Christmas is coming, and it would appear that there’s nowhere better for Christmas lights than Tokyo. The displays are dotted all over the main districts in the city and are insanely good. No expense spared stuff. Maz is absolutely in her element:


500,000 lights at Tokyo Midtown, set in sequence to some very tranquil music. Truly spectacular.


It was pretty busy there when we went, but apparently it gets rammed as it gets closer to Christmas.


Interesting, as the Japanese don’t really celebrate Christmas. It’s a regular working day like any other.


More lights. KFC for Christmas is popular in Japan. Seriously. Take a look at the video below for a giggle…


Shinjuku Gyoen. Very picturesque at this time of year.


Mount Fuji, view from Carrot Tower, just down the road from our house and free to go up.


Pet hair salon. The dogs are so well behaved, sat there being pampered. I’ve been struggling to find a barber. They did such a good job on the dogs so might be worth inquiring here…


Shabu-Shabu. So good, they named it twice. Trays of raw meat, cooked in the broth boiling on the table. Accompanied by all sorts of weird and wonderful bits. All you can eat in a 2hr window too. Challenge accepted!


Snowboarding at Roppongi Hills.


Some of the best “street boarders” from around the world were at this event. It was pretty cool (for a while!)


Tokyo Tower at night. Probably not worth the admission fee to go to the top, but definitely worth going to the middle floor for half the price.


The Rainbow Bridge and surrounding area, from the top of Tokyo Tower.


4 thoughts on “Tokyo guzzler: Days 89-99 – Out and about in Tokyo

  1. sadly I kinda get the Kentucky xmas video innit.good fun.i mean xmas is so commertialised now why not a special party bucket.although I wont be suggesting it to barb..


  2. Excellent photos bud, if you only conceding 7 in a game should get in touch with Carlisle that would be marked improvement on our defense at minute. Enjoy the festivities both. x


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