Tokyo guzzler: Days 67-68 – Odaiba and the Rainbow Bridge

Back in Tokyo for the end of the half term week. We decided to spend the afternoon and evening in Odaiba, a large man-made island in Tokyo Bay (look away now if you don’t like bridges!):


The 59 foot tall RX-78 Gundam robot.


Nope, we didn’t take a trip to NYC to round the week off. This is the Statue of Liberty replica, with the Rainbow Bridge in the background. Not a patch on the real thing though.


Rainbow Bridge. Give me Clifton Suspension Bridge any day!


Sunset over Tokyo.


Tokyo Bay area panoramic at sunset. Fish were jumping out the water around us. I tried to take a photo of one, but ran out of patience!


It was beautiful down there at this time. Very few people and lots of good photo opportunities.


Tokyo Tower, a replica of the Eiffel tower, in the background; Rainbow Bridge, similar to Brooklyn Bridge, in the main shot; the Statue of Liberty just behind us. Get some imagination Tokyo and come up with something original!!!


Tokyo, not NYC. A great place to view the city at night time.


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