Tokyo guzzler: Days 63-64 – Day trip to Miyajima Island

Maz’s half term arrived, so we decided to go and explore a bit more of Japan. Hiroshima was our destination of choice. We opted to fly down, rather than get the Shinkansen. I’m glad we did because the views we got of the mountains were breathtaking:


Mount Fuji poking through the clouds. One of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen. Glad the photo came out well!!

We arrived in Hiroshima in the early evening after a short flight. Funnily enough, after just 2 hours in the city it felt like the fire department were following us around. We managed to find ourselves surrounded by firemen not once, but twice. Neither incident looked serious, although the first incident attracted no less than eight fire engines and fifty-plus firemen for what looked like a cat stuck on a roof! We later stumbled across a restaurant that had a giant tortoise living in it. Maz was sold instantly, so we ate there. She was very content holding a six month old baby tortoise and I had a lovely beef steak (at least, I think it was beef!).


Shortly after this, the tortoise walked back into the restaurant and ate a big bowl of salad. It was bizarre but quite a sight!

We had two full days in Hiroshima. For the first day we decided to go to nearby Miyajima – the ‘Shrine Island’, accessed by boat just up the coast from Hiroshima:


We’d heard there were lots of roaming deer on the island. Maz couldn’t hide her excitement!


This fella was desperate for the restaurant to open. Apparently he had a reservation.


The Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the tide out you could walk all the way up to it.


Thumbs up if you like deer…


Bearded tit!


What’s in the bag, miss? The remnants of our breakfast – that’s what, so face off deer!


Five-Tiered Pagoda at Itsukushima Shrine. Pretty stunning.


Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s Senjō-kaku.


View looking up towards Mount Misen.


This was the first of two cable cars to the top of Mount Misen. This was only about half way up the first one. It was high and very rickety!


The view from the second cable car station at the top of the mountain.


Apparently there’s “monkeys everywhere” up the mountain. Well, we bloody didn’t see one! Grrrr. We did have phenomenal panoramic views of the surrounding islands though.


There were lots of temples and shrines near the top, hundreds of metres up the mountain.


Another deer…..


Quite a hazy day, but still had unbelievable views.


Spot the monkey…


Making our descent back to planet earth…


By the time we’d touched down the tide had come in. I hope everyone made it out in time…


A cloudy sunset….


Family of deer on the beach. Deer are sacred animals in the Shinto religion because they are considered messengers of the gods. I wonder if they can pass on my message to the monkeys to come out for our next visit….


A cloudy sunset….but the sun popped out just at the last minute. It was spectacular.


Beautiful end to a very tiring but amazing day.


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