Tokyo guzzler: Days 58-62 – Horse racing in Tokyo

On Saturday, a group of 5 of us (3 teachers, 1 nurse and 1 bum) went to Tokyo Racecourse. I actually discovered later in the evening that it’s the biggest racecourse in the world in terms of capacity. It holds just 223,000 people!! Beating the second and third largest courses, also in Japan, by 58k and 83k respectively. I never realised that horse racing was so big over here. The capacity probably explains why the entrance fee is just 200 Yen (about £1.20)!

Now anyone who knows me knows I’m the world’s worst gambler!! One of the chaps we went with repeatedly told me to “Bet on the grey!“. Every race I was told to do so. Did I take his advice? No of course not. Did “the grey” win? Yes, a grey horse won in 3 of the first 5 races we saw. I mean, what are the chances of that happening?! So, in the penultimate race, there were two greys running and we backed them both. As far as I recall, one of them unseated the jockey (it was a flat race!). As for the other, well it might as well still be running now as it was so far behind! I might have known it was going to be a shite day of gambling from the very start. In the very first race, my horse didn’t even make it to the starting traps. It looked very nervous, although I clearly mistook this nervousness for excitement. It’d probably got wind that I’d bet on him and had second thoughts!

All in all though, an awesome day out and we’ll definitely be going again:


probably closer to 3. It had tier after tier and was pretty much open to everyone. Not like the stuffy courses in England where you have to pay £60 entry to the prawn sandwich club! Riff raff well and truly allowed.




The screen opposite was the biggest ever built when it was first made – a mere 66m long!


The paddock was open to everyone and allowed me easy access to pick out the best donkey available each race. If you ever need to know which horse to lay, just lay whatever I back!


That’s my donkey, bringing up the rear!


Just as a side-note, I think I have a new nickname. Bicuity it is then!


We had a visitor the other day. This little fella came to our garden and was here for ages. Next time he can come in and keep me company.


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