Tokyo guzzler: Days 44-54 – English classes update

Firstly, apologies to both all my followers. It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted an update and this definitely isn’t one of my finest efforts sorry!

We have been in Tokyo now for just under 8 weeks. The first 6 weeks here basically felt like an extended holiday. I was out exploring most days and weekends were packed with touristy trips. During the last 2 weeks it has felt a lot more like we’ve settled into a bit of a routine, which is both good and bad. This weekend we fully intend to get out an see some more interesting places, so there should be a good update early next week.

I’ve had English teaching classes coming out of my ears these last few days. I’ve had students Saturday morning, as well as Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings (I even had one scheduled for Tuesday but sadly she cancelled). I have more classes lined up for this Saturday and Sunday morning too.

The students I currently have are falling largely into 2 categories. My favourite category – the conversation classes – is easily the best. Basically classes just consist of turning up and talking to the student for an hour over a drink. They’re great and it’s a good way of meeting some new people. Everyone I have spoken to so far has been very friendly and very easy to talk to. Long may these classes last! Topics range from Ebola to the Scottish independence referendum, the Premier League, travelling, food and my favourite – cats!!

The other type of classes though – where I actually have to do some teaching – are an absolute pain on the nut sack. I’ve been spending hours preparing for each class and it stresses me out no end. 3 of my 4 students are aged 11 and under and it’s very hard to see any progress with them. They just don’t seem to understand the need to say “Cheers, drive” when getting off a bus!!

So needless to say I’m hoping to get enough conversation classes so I can knock the teaching ones on the head! I have new students constantly contacting me so hopefully they will continue to grow.

Last weekend we had our first proper typhoon since our arrival. It consisted of rain of biblical proportions for a solid 24 hours. The winds had largely died off by the time it hit Tokyo though luckily. Maz and I still braved it regardless and headed into Shibuya for the football on Sunday night. It felt like a wasted trip though as the pub we went to just wasn’t worth the effort. Plus we had to leave at half time as the tubes were running a limited service due to the weather. Apparently, this coming Monday we have a “Super-typhoon” coming in to batter Japan. Volcanoes, earthquakes, typhoons….this country sure has its fair share of natural disasters. At least there’s no sign of Ebola yet!

I’ve not much else to report this end though. We are off to Hiroshima next weekend for a few days. I will post again early next week with some pictures from this weekend.


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