Tokyo guzzler: Days 32-37 – Out and about in Tokyo

“Get a job you lazy good-for-nothing bum”, I hear you all cry! That’s what Maz says to me first thing anyway, before the obligatory “Good morning”. Well, I am trying trust me! I’ve seen several recruiters this past fortnight and also spoke on the phone with a few others. And they’re kind of telling me the same thing: Good luck, you’ll need it! Unless of course I want to consider a career in recruitment. In all honesty, I’d be bad at that so I’ll give that a miss for now.

However, I have a couple of English teaching classes penciled in which I’m looking forward to. I’ll have these Japanese kids talking in proper gert Bristolian in no time! Stock classic phrases such as “Alright me babber”, “Cheers, drive” and “’Ark at ee” are on the high priority list for the introductory lessons. So that’s something to look forward to. Hopefully the lessons will go well and I can start doing them on a regular basis. I’m also on the lookout for anyone needing beginners drum tuition in Tokyo. I’ve got a few ads out there so we’ll see what happens with that….

On Saturday we went to an Indian festival near Yoyogi Park. We’d been told to expect great things from it, but to be honest it was a little bit on the crap side. I was expecting lots of performance areas, Bhangra dancing and great Indian curry. But there was just one large performance area – which didn’t really feel authentic at all – and lots of clothing stalls. The food was decent but Maz’s home-made curry is much nicer! We did however enjoy watching this chap dancing to the music!!


Unfortunately I can’t upload my video of him to the blog. He was proper going for it though. Brolly and all. Twiddling it around his head, spinning round and round. He LOVED it!


Good moves!!


This was a bit tame and around the point we started edging towards the exit (via one last round of curry and naan)

After that we decided to go bowling as the rain set in. My previous bests of 232 and 218 were far from endangered though as I scraped a measly 109, finishing 3rd. I blame the fluorescent lighting though – you don’t get that shit in Bristol!


Gutter ball! Too many of them for my liking in this game, especially after I’d talked myself up to be some kind of semi-pro. I even lost to Maz!

After a brief (but worthwhile!) visit to the Shibuya Hooters, we finally ended up on the cocktails to round the night off. Unfortunately Maz ordered one that might as well have just been called “Swimming Pepper”. I swear it was just tequila, a bit of tonic, and about half a pot of pepper floating around in it. I swapped my bright blue drink (after my unfortunate incident in Tenerife whereby my guts were stained blue after rinsing too many Blue Lagoon cocktails down my neck) for the pepper concoction, which was too vile to drink. And that’s where the night ended. I haven’t had a proper session since arriving here yet, but I’m hoping that will change this coming weekend….


US cheerleaders on a promo tour in Japan. Nice!


We decided there was something a bit dodgy looking with the Hooters paintwork….

There seems to be a real push in Tokyo at the moment on kids sport. It’s great. The amount of kids you see playing football, baseball, athletics etc is brilliant. I love to see the youngsters out playing sport in the sun as it reminds me of playing when I was a kid. So much better than being stuck in at home sat in front of a games console or watching crap TV. We walked across the road to the Komazawa Olympic Park on Sunday and watched the athletics for ages. It’s such a beautiful park and I go running there twice a week normally.


100m final. We just assumed it was like an inter-school event (kind of thing)…


…until we saw the winning time. Not Usain Bolt admittedly, but pretty quick for a Sunday afternoon nonetheless


Women’s 3000m. This had a cracking sprint finish.


All around the stadium you get pockets of small support, but they make one hell of a noise. Call and response chanting through a plastic funnel. It’s brilliant to watch!


2 thoughts on “Tokyo guzzler: Days 32-37 – Out and about in Tokyo

  1. Keep it up bud, enjoying reading these of a weekend so in some ways a bit glad you still got plenty of time to explore/comment on. Off to watch Merseyside Derby now, todays fixtures would have lent themselves to a classic all dayer in the Hyde Park. x


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