Tokyo guzzler: Days 21-30 – Tokyo randomness

Well thankfully it looks like I’ve avoided the dreaded dengue fever. I’d say the chances of me becoming viral are about as likely as this blog going viral – slim to nil!

So, last week saw Maz relocate to Hakuba for the most part of a week with school, leaving me to fend for myself back in Tokyo.  During the trip she informed me that one of her students, whilst doing his best Paul Hogan impression – “That’s not a knife; THIS is a knife” – had accidentally slashed another kids’ throat. What a charming student! Luckily for the victim the cut wasn’t too bad and no serious damage was done. As for Mr. Dundee Jr, he was sent home and is probably now regarded as some sort of mad slasher loon to steer clear of during lunch time. He’ll be trying to gut someone with a chop stick next!

During the time that Maz was away, I had a couple of fun nights out with my new buddy. You don’t get much cider in Japan unsurprisingly, but we fortuitously managed to find a bar where “Hard Cider” was on draught. One pint of that and I was talking like Danny Dyer in The Football Factory. I don’t know what they put in that stuff but I hope they don’t serve it to the Japanese Liverpool Supporters Club before their games kick-off. There’ll be tables and chairs all over the bar otherwise!

We had a great food experience the other night. After seemingly ages, we’d given up looking for a restaurant with an English-translated menu. So we went in this tiny little place where you basically cook your own food. The menu was entirely in Kanji symbols but thankfully a waiter pointed us to the chicken and pork section (I think he could see the blank looks on our faces and my chin starting to quiver as I filled up with tears). So anyway we ordered some cuts of chicken and pork and they brought it all out raw, along with cooked rice and other bits. And basically each table had a mini gas barbecue placed on it and you cooked the food at the table. The smell was immense.


Don’t know why they don’t have many restaurants like this back home. They’re everywhere here. If you’re a BBQ lover like me, they’re perfect!


First round of BBQ chicken and pork. If only we’d had some fresh baps to go with it. Apart from that though, perfect.

Following that, we went and I quenched my football thirst with the Arsenal – Man City game. Same pub as before, but this time the Arsenal hit squad was present. I do find it interesting how, out here, everyone seems to have a Premier League team they support. I guess it’s no different to back home really where most people in Bristol seem to glory support one of the “big” clubs. I find it more understandable out here though, whereas at home I just find it a bit alien and sad really.

It’s still hot over here – 26-28 degrees most days. But the Japanese are on a summer wind-down now. Apparently 1st September is the start of autumn, regardless of how hot it may still be. It’s actually typhoon season at the moment, but the weather has been mainly dry. However, today I felt the earth move for the first time. A 5.6 magnitude earthquake struck just after I’d finished my lunch. Lucky really as I could have easily ended up wearing my noodles otherwise! The place was rattling good and proper for a good half minute or so. Luckily the epicentre was just to the north of Tokyo, so we didn’t get the full force here. However it was interesting and certainly got the blood pumping good and fast!

Some more photos:


Peace out man! Beautiful bride in a beautiful dress.


Down by the waterfront. Very choppy.


This man had been banished to the naughty step. He probably failed to do his recycling properly. The Japanese are obsessed with recycling and if you get it wrong, they will hunt you down! Liam Neeson did a lot of research for his role in ‘Taken’ whilst spending time with the recycling police apparently.


Skytree in the background. I’s twice the height if the Eiffel Tower. Looking forward to going up that this Autumn when the clouds clear.


Tuna apparently. Well, a Japanese man was saying “Tuna” to me as we walked by. Unless “tuna” is in fact a Japanese insult and he was in fact having fun at my expense…


Lots of crabs on death row. These were big ‘uns and not like the tiddlers you get down Weston Super Mare.


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