Tokyo guzzler: Days 15-20 – Robot Restaurant and Yoyogi Park

There’s only one place to start for the next blog installment. Last night a group of eight of us (seven teachers and a tourist) went to the world-famous Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku. It was literally the craziest thing I have ever seen and, in all honesty, nothing I say here will do justice to it. It seriously has to be seen to be believed.  I’ve been to Vegas and seen the lights and the razzmatazz. This FAR outdoes Vegas in terms of light shows! Giant boxing robots, neon tanks, pandas riding on a cow, lazer light shows, bikini-clad drummers. In fact bikini-clad everything accompanying whatever installment of the show happened to be running at that time. It was basically a robot strip show. Apparently this place cost £83m to kit out, and I’d imagine the electricity bill can’t be far off that amount each year too!! I have never seen a light show like it and it’s without doubt the most random show I will ever see. Anyone coming over to Tokyo has to witness it.


Bit of drumming to start the show….


….bit more drumming – she was worth watching!!!


….followed naturally by some robots boxing….


….and the natural progression to a panda riding a cow fighting off a warrior tribe. Nothing unusual so far…


Giant snake vs a kind-of tank.


This one was HUGE!


Watch out – there’s a robot behind you. Come and sit with me!!


A fitting finale…..


OK I’ve got a headache now and I need a lie down and a little reassuring over what I’ve just seen!

I had my first job interview this week.  It was so bad I was actually sat there feeling embarrassed .The less said about it the better!

I’ve done some reasonable exploring this week whilst Maz has been at work. On Tuesday I had the ingenious idea of visiting Yoyogi Park, one of the largest parks in Tokyo. So I was wandering around the park thinking how beautiful it was – I saw 5 turtles – but also how quiet it was. It was a scorcher of a day again, so flip flops and beachwear were the order of the day. I did think it was bizarre how no one was around and how the fountains had been drained. And how certain areas of the park had been roped off……


Saw a range of different sized turtles in this lake (not for the first time that day)


Then when I got home to check BBC news, I found this on the news homepage….


Followed by this a few days later….


So, this will probably be my last update from Tokyo before I come down with dengue fever. I was bitten to shreds by those little bastards that day so if I don’t write for a while, I’ll be in Tokyo General on a drip I expect!

Other random things I’ve see this week:


Barrels at Meiji Shrine.


Meiji Shrine. Check the sky. Beautiful.


Random teddy bear-like animal.


Dog hotel!


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