Tokyo guzzler: Days 11-14 – Living in Japan

I sobbed late into the night after our Ikea ordeal the previous night. But I woke up the following morning and refused to be beaten by such a turn of events. I think I spent about 6 hours unpacking boxes and tidying the flat, stopping only to go to my favourite teshoku place for lunch. (NB: it’s my favourite place because a) it’s very tasty; b) it has unlimited rice; and c) it has a vending-machine ordering system, meaning I don’t have to make an arse out of myself trying to order fried chicken and rice. I’ve had enough of flapping my arms and clucking when trying to convey my chicken order after failed verbal communication). (Also, just as an aside, I keep accidentally waving when the staff are saying “goodbye” when I leave the restaurant. I’ve started to bow like they do, but occasionally I bow AND wave at the same time. Must remember not to wave). So anyway, the flat is now feeling very homely with all our bits in it.

Friday saw me have three main objectives. Stock up on curry paste; beast it on my 5-a-side football debut; and get drunk without making a complete arse of myself at the post-football drinks.  And I can safely say I nailed two of them and the third wasn’t too far off. I managed to purchase four jars of curry paste from a shop we’d discovered previously. The girl on the checkout looked very confused when I went to the counter with just four jars of paste in my basket. She will get to know me soon I’m sure. After that I headed to my first Friday 5-a-side football match. Jesus I was rusty, not having played for a LONG time. I was blowing like whale after about 5 minutes. But I soon settled into a rhythm and discovered that the magic is still there! Not only did I bag a sweetly struck hat-trick, but also grabbed the winner in a 5-4 thriller. I am considering a contract offer from Grampus Eight as I write this. So that was two of the three objectives achieved. And I came so close to securing another hat-trick with the third and final objective. However whilst sat in the pub post-match, regaling in the glory of my wonder strike (tap in!) winner, I somehow managed to pop my wedding ring off my finger and onto the floor. As panic set in on my face whilst I scrambled around trying to find it, the whole pub suddenly got down on their hands and knees looking for it! It was quite a sight! All the waiters stopped and came to help! And thankfully it turned up a few moments later. Objective three: FAILED miserably. Shame as I’d held it together so well before that!

Saturday was consequentially a bit of a stinker. I felt delicate from the seven pints of Saporo I’d consumed the night before. And I could hear Maz throwing up next door (she’ been to an all-you-can-drink karaoke bar). Some things never change. We set out on a quest to find the one thing that can make you feel better when feeling like that….pizza. Easier said than done in Tokyo, but thankfully achieved just in the nick of time.

Sunday was also a quiet day. However, I managed to FINALLY get my first football fix of the holiday move. I found us a British football pub called The Footnik not too far away and we met up with a couple of other teachers to go and watch Spurs – Liverpool. The Japan branch of the Liverpool Supporters Club was present and it was highly amusing hearing them chant, especially as the Japanese have a problem with the letter ‘L’ (making it sound like an ‘R’ most of the time).

As you’ve probably gathered, the last few days have been quiet. I needed a few quiet days to just chill and take stock. There are some random photos below. My adventures this week will hopefully be more exciting (if this bastard rain ever stops!!!!!).


Most of our boxes in the living room before I unpacked them. Amazing, barely any damage. Now where’s my crate of baked beans…..


Electric toilet, now thankfully disabled after one too many unprompted flushes. Apparently it can also randomly spray water at you, although I’m yet to experience this. Perhaps its way of getting you to hurry up maybe?


15 buttons to control the toilet, with another dozen or so on the back. If there’s one that I can press to hear the latest football scores, I might re-enable it.


Don’t mess with this lot after a few Sapporos. The Liverpool Supporters Club are a mean looking bunch and I for one will be keeping my nut down in future.


The chap in front didn’t get the memo. Red only next time dumb ass!


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