Tokyo guzzler: Days 8-10 – Imperial Palace

It’s cooled down by about 10 degrees from last week, which is perfect as I’ve started running again after a 4 month absence.  It was far too hot and humid last week.

I visited the Imperial Palace on Monday. Great, except apparently it’s closed on Mondays! So I had a good wander around the moat to keep us commoners out. It looks like a beautiful place so I’ll be going back very soon. I actually saw a turtle (a real one, not a floater!) swimming in the moat, much to my amazement as I just happened to look down at the right time. I didn’t see a single one after that so it was perfect timing. Afterwards, I walked past the National Diet Building thinking it looked very grand for what I assumed would be the local Weight Watchers residence. Only later in the day did I realise that it was in fact Japan’s legislature! I think I better go back to see it properly next time…..

In the evening I met up with a few of the new teachers and we went for some udon. I had udon in a special beef curry with tonkatsu on top. Before the food came out we were given huge bibs to wear by the waiter. I was very thankful as my udon were very slippery and I managed to splash the sauce everywhere! Perhaps I might get a bib for when I eat at home – I always drop my alphabetti-spagetti down my top!

Day 9 was my day of rest. It’d been a hectic start to the trip up until this point. I got up early as we had a delivery coming. However I decided to have a little nap around 10am. Maz then phoned me around midday to ask if I’d felt the earthquake earlier?! Typical….absolutely typical. First quake in Japan since we arrive and I’m having a little power nap! It was only a 3 or so on the Richter scale so nothing major. However, as our furniture hadn’t arrived by this point I wouldn’t have had a table to hide under anyway. I’d have probably just hidden under the bed and waited for Maz to get home and walk past so I could grab her ankle. Shits her up every time.

Wahay! Today is Wednesday – it’s piddling it down outside – and our shipping has arrived from the UK.  I’d forgotten how much we’d packed and would like to retract my comment from day 1 where I said I wish we’d shipped more. In fact, I wish we’d shipped less, especially kitchen stuff. Far less kitchen stuff. There’s surprisingly little damage to anything we packed though. My 7.15am run around Komazawa Olympic Park has done nothing for my energy levels today. I’d like to have a cheeky snooze but I’m too scared to after the last time. God clearly doesn’t want me to sleep. We’ve got a school trip to Ikea planned for this afternoon/evening. We’re hoping to get some final bits for the flat. I’m wondering if maybe they’ll buy back some of our kitchen stuff though! The bus leaves school at 3.15pm so I better not be late otherwise I might get a detention. It feels like a school trip. Someone always throws up on a school trip. If it’s me, I’ll have a whole host of teachers to aim for!

*Update – 5 FUCKING HOURS stuck in Ikea. Plus an hour’s drive each way. ARGHHHHHHH!!! Plus I had some steak that gave me instant shits. I’m NEVER going to Ikea again!!!!!!


Turtle floating around the palace moat.


Palace moat.


Diet building – probably should go back there to see it properly (framed nicely by a street lamp!!)


Imperial Palace – hoping to go back when it’s open next time!


Outhouse at the Imperial Palace.


Gateway to the Meiji Shrine.


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