Tokyo guzzler: Days 2-6 – Tokyo tourist trail

So we’ve been here now for nearly a week. We’ve been food shopping. Literally every bit of packaging is written in Kanji symbols. Even half the Japanese can’t understand what they’re buying! We could literally be buying anything! Which if you’re a fussy bugger like me, means you’re slightly screwed! Is it too much to ask for some bread rolls and some southern fried chicken?! Fruit costs about £1.50 per piece also – expensive! Freezer sections are virtually non-existent. Curry paste? You’re having a laugh?! I don’t want sushi for the next 2 years!!

It took me about an hour to figure out how to work the washing machine too. Not because I’m a bit slow, but because I can’t understand any of the symbols they use! And our toilet has 15 electronic buttons controlling it. So if you’re having a Brad Pitt before work, you can disguise it with the soothing sounds of Mozart. No one will ever know!!  However I’m hoping we can maybe programme in our own tunes to something more modern. Maybe a bit of “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty (if Nandos was the previous meal of choice); or Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” (curry).

We’ve organised phones and opened bank accounts, both of which were major efforts on the language front. Plus they sold us two mobile phones without chargers. Maybe they could have just said something before we left the shop?! We have internet coming in a few days too, so I can look for a job (that’s what I tell Maz anyway! Mwahaha)

It’s been incredibly hot for our first week here. Unseasonally hot. It’s been 32 degrees plus at 9am the last 2 days. I’m still sweating buckets. As soon as you step into the heat you’re dripping within a few minutes. Everywhere has a/c units which are a god send. Although I expect it’s the volume of a/c units in the city that is actual contributing to the heat ironically enough.

We’re having an unbelievably good time though.  I spent 9 hours on Friday wandering around Roponggi and Shibuya. Shibuya is probably the liveliest place I’ve ever been to (yes, livelier than a GDS finance night out in fact!). There are supercars everywhere in Tokyo. It’s certainly not a poor place.

I had my first Ramen dish last night. It was soooo tasty! Over here in many of the fast food places centrally, you pay for your food at a vending machine, then give the ticket to the staff who ask the chef to cook your food. The food is so fresh and cooked right in front of you and the staff are so friendly and polite, even if we can’t understand what they’re saying. I’ve not mastered chopsticks yet but I like the fact that knives and forks aren’t an option. It’s like they’re saying, “Screw you Westerners….you eat our way or you don’t eat at all!”. We had a great curry buffet for lunch also as I was getting withdrawal symptoms.  Eating out is so cheap – I think we’ll be doing it a lot more than back home. You can have a proper good feed for a fiver and it’s really good, healthy food. There are virtually no fatties here!


Tokyo Midtown


Here it is. Huge!


Tokyo Tower….13m taller than the Eiffel Tower don’t you know


Roppongi Hills, that’s where I want to be….


Not a patch on Bristol’s Gromit trail I’m afraid!


Spider art in Roppongi


Hikarie – another huge skyscraper in Shibuya


Cook your own beef and bean sprouts. Tasty!


Pets being groomed while their owners going shopping at Roppongi Hills


Shibuya crossing. Busy, busy place.


Random futuristic temple


Double-decker roads are standard here




Tower Records building


Audi Forum


Yoyogi gymnasium


Little dudes


Beautiful temple down by Tokyo Tower


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