Tokyo guzzler: Day 7 – Our local area, Komazawa

Note to self: NEVER practice using the intercom at 9pm on a Sunday night. Just don’t! Ours is linked up to a specialist outsourced security team. And if like Western plebs, you press the emergency button by accident in a button-bashing frenzy, don’t be surprised when the neighbours come banging on your door giving you the evils. Or the security team turns up looking thoroughly pissed off! I don’t think we’ll be practicing that again anytime soon…..

Pity as it’d been a decent day until then. We had a beautiful teshoku for tea. It consisted of rice and some meaty steak bits, accompanied by miso soup.  It cost under £5. Needless to say we’ll be eating out a fair bit if such good food is available so cheaply. Even the chopsticks usage is steadily improving. I might try using both sticks in the same hand next time though as I keep getting funny looks….

Just round the back of our house is a huge sports park – the Komazawa Olympic Park. There’s a 2k running track marked out around the outskirts which I’ll be trying out tomorrow. And there’s a big running stadium which seems to be used daily by lots of children and teenagers. We sat and watched some of the athletics earlier. It’s a cracking venue and the facilities are top drawer.


Komazawa Olympic Park stadium


Used daily by the local schools


All this food for less than £5. Crazy cheap and very tasty.


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